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Escozine® has shown promising results in helping patients to overcome many viral infections, including COVID-19 as well as eliminating multiple cancer cell lines in clinical trials and has shown to have quality of life enhancement capabilities that could be marketed as an independent drug.

Product Country Indication Pre-Clinical Clinical Trials Reg. Filing Approval/RG
Escozine® Dominican Republic SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
Escozine® United States SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
Escozine® GNP-1 United States Pancreatic Cancer
Escozine® GNP-1 Dominican Republic Pancreatic Cancer
Escozine® GNP-1 United States Pancreatic Cancer
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Our goal is to research and develop, new generation of medicines that will benefit patients around the globe. Our passionate commitment is to innovate and reveal a new approach to drug development, that is safe and effective.

MedolifeRx provides solutions for the unmet needs of multiple important therapeutics. Areas include; Anti-Viral medicine, Oncology, Inflammation, Immunology, and targets rare diseases.

Escozine® has shown promising results, in proof-of-concept clinical studies for Covid-19 patients.

Once Escozine® receives IND approval, we will prepare for an NDA submission for Covid-19.


Escozine®/ Covid-19: Data on Escozine® has been filed under pre-IND with US FDA as a potential COVID1-19. Clinical studies showing efficacy and safety of product

Escozine® GNP-1/ Pancreatic Cancer (Orphan Drug):

As a critical medicine for the Covid-19 Pandemic, we anticipate the approval of the product, in a shorter time period. Given that Scorpion Peptide is the main ingredient for Escozine/ Covid-19 and Escozine GNP-1, we strategize that the approval of the Escozine/Covid-19 drug can facilitate the fast tracking to the second phase of Escozine GNP-1/Pancreatic Cancer drug study.

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Burbank Facility

FDA COMPLIANT FACILITY – New product development – Utilizing modern technologies like Nano machine and proprietary patented polarization technology machine, to develop advanced drugs and nutraceuticals. Cleanroom ISO 8/Class 100 000: