Scorpion Reservation

The Medolife Scorpion Reservation is located in a remote mountain area 120 miles from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The reservation is 50,000 square meters (12 acres).

Our Facilities

Our product manufacturing process includes several fundamental steps. The first step begins at the scorpion reservation, where thousands of scorpions are handled with care to obtain our valuable prime material. The process of extraction does not harm the scorpions and can be repeated every 22 days.

Property Profile

scorpres_01The land on which the scorpion reservation is located is in a very remote area and was originally extremely overgrown. The reservation upgrades are being done in several phases. In Phase One, which lasted 18 months, Medolife cleared the land and began the deployment of a detailed gridding system that supports the optimization of the venom production process. In Phase Two, the land was further enhanced with the addition of grape arbor foliage, which has been found to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the scorpion venom. Phase Three will include the addition of an onsite laboratory and scorpion breeding facilities and a helicopter landing pad, as well as upgrades to access roads and addition to helicopter landing pad.

Medolife is dedicated to continue to enhance the efficiency and capacity of its reservation and add more key personnel who are experts in scorpion reproduction and habitat. The company also intends to further upgrade the quality and capacity of its scorpion handling facilities as well as transportation operations.

Scorpion Reservation

Neyba, Dominican Republic

groudsWe have a first-of-its-kind scorpion reservation in the world. This reservation is surrounded by the Blue Scorpion’s natural habitat, which has an ideal climate and terrain to support a healthy population of scorpions.

The Medolife scorpion reservation is located in a remote mountain area 120 miles from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The reservation is 50,000 square meters (12 acres).

Medolife is looking to strategically double the size of its scorpion reservation in order to allow for a reduction in the scorpion density per population. The addition of an onsite state of the art laboratory will house the scorpion venom extraction laboratory and interior scorpion breeding habitat to provide production insurance against unanticipated weather and environmental catastrophes.

Valdez Aguasvivas

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

aguasvivas_facilityThe Valdez Aguasvivas Laboratory is the only lab in the country to have obtained the QMS International Standards (ISO 9001:2008) certification in the areas of Clinical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis and Environmental Analysis. They are the only private laboratory in the Dominican Republic accredited and certified by the ACLASS agency of International Standards (ISO 17025:2005 Environmental Laboratory).

The Valdez Aguasvivas Laboratory specializes in the area of health in Clinical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis, and Microbiological Analysis of Water and Food. They are a modern clinical laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, and highly trained specialists.

They have over 30 years of experience providing quality service, efficiency, speed and reliability in the Dominican Republic market. They are supported by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS).

Samson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Los Angeles, California

Located in the city of Commerce, Los Angeles, Samson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an FDA registered manufacturing facility and drug licensed company, currently manufacturing a diverse line of products ranging from OTC, cosmetics, dietary supplements and others. Samson manufactures Escozine in the United States for distribution in North America.

Alopecil Corporation, S.R.L.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Alopecil Corporation, S.R.L. is a registered and certified manufacturing facility in Santo Domingo. They manufacture a wide range of medicines and supplements, many under their own brand, and also manufacture Escozine in the Dominican Republic for international distribution.