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Our Mission

“Medolife Rx is committed to empower people with our innovations to feel healthier, live longer and enhance the quality of life.”

We are pioneering the development of a new generation of polarized extra strength, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Our exclusively owned and patented polarization technology significantly enhances the capabilities of natural compounds. With such potency, our nutraceuticals and dietary supplements have profound effects on a cellular level and overall provide improved health.

direct rupture of the viral envelope antiviral medolife


Escozine® has shown promising results in proof-of-concept clinical studies. In the United States, Medolife Rx is currently in the Pre-Approval pathway for the Covid -19 therapy drug (FDA PIND #150335), where the company expects to move into the Investigational New Drug (IND) status.

In the US, we are utilizing the Investigational New Drug (IND) regulatory approval pathway through the FDA, where the company has filed preliminary data and expects a response soon.

In the Domonican Republic, the company has an exclusive licence with the minister of health, allowing Escozine® to become the first registered treatment for COVID-19. We expect a response soon.


Escozine GNP1 is Scorpion Peptide conjugated with Polarized Gold Nano particles.

Pre- clinical studies: The company has completed pre-clinical research in conjunction with renowned institutions including Moore’s Cancer Center at UC San Diego and John Hopkin’s School of Medicine, as well in house laboratory for Vitro studies.

Preliminary research has been conducted on various types of Cancers, where Escozine® has induced apoptosis (programmed cancer cell death).

Research show that Escozine has the ability to reverse Chemotherapy drug resistance in Cancer patients, which is common up to 30%. This could position Escozine GNP1, as a complementary drug with chemotherapy agents.

Clinical studies: Medolife Rx has conducted, Doctor initiated studies of Escozine GNP1 with a variety of Cancer types. The last 3 years, the focus was on Pancreatic Cancer, where Escozine GNP1 has shown promising results

direct rupture of the viral envelope antiviral

Immune Support

ESCOZINE Immunapen is a natural drug designed to increase the Quality of Life, through enhancing the consumer’s immune system.

Escozine: An Immunomodulator Research studies have demonstrated that Scorpion peptides block/modulate ion channels. These ion channels can direct the immune cells towards the inflammatory process.Therefore, blocking these ion channels redirects the immune system towards normalization and effectiveness.

Escozine contains peptides that block four ion channels: chlorine, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Therefore, regulating or blocking ion channels would affect signal transduction in immune cells and modulate their functions.

Research has shown that blocking these peptides has an immunomodulatory effect on inflammatory markers and regulates inflammation. For instance, calcium plays an essential second messenger in regulating intracellular signaling pathways and lymphocyte activation. In contrast, monovalent cations, sodium, and potassium, mainly regulate the negative membrane potential, indirectly controlling the influx of calcium and immune cell signaling/activation.