Escozine™ PatentDr. Mikaelian received a full US PATENT in 2012: (#US 8,097,284 B2) “Polarized scorpion venom solution and a method for making polarized scorpion venom solution.” Some important aspects of the methodology are trade secrets and have not been disclosed in the existing patent. This non-invasive technology can increase the potency of bioactive natural organic or synthetic products, in some cases from 200% to 500%. This increase of the effectiveness, gives a competitive advantage to polarized compounds, where the use of the main ingredient could be decreased considerably. Or by using previous amounts of the main ingredient, but with greater potency; The results are new categories of powerful natural, organic compounds, and synthetic medications with small or no side effects.

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DISCLAIMER: Some important aspects of the technology remain as a trade secret and not reflected in the patent.

Polarization Technology

polarization equipment 300x144 1 A specifically generated monopole electromagnetic vibration creates a resonance effect with Escozine™’s main ingredients at the molecular level; this leads to absorption of energy and shortens the orbital movement of atoms which, in turn, leads to the increase of activity of polarized molecules, and intensifying their potency. Polarization increases the molecular vibration and is excited when the molecule absorbs a quantum of energy, E, corresponding to the vibration’s frequency, ν, according to the relation E = hν (where h is Planck’s constant). A fundamental vibration is excited when one such quantum of energy is absorbed by the molecule in its ground state. This patented technology allows less compounds to be used while increasing the effectiveness of Escozine™’s main ingredients.

DISCLAIMER: Some important aspects of the technology remain as a trade secret and not reflected in the patent.

Continuation of Patent

Medolife is in the process of applying for a patent continuation, in which these new topics will be covered in detail:

1.The first application of the polarization technology has more general impact on the Blue Scorpion extract, where new multiple frequency generation allows it to target several components in Escozine™ simultaneously. This addition of the patent will be geared towards increasing the potency of specific molecules in the compound to achieve a greater effect on the targeted molecules, amino acids, proteins and peptides. This polarization approach can be applied to any nutraceutical to increase the potency and effectiveness without adding additional ingredients.

2. Escozine GNP-1 is in research and development as an advanced anti-cancer drug. The polarized gold nanoparticles combined with a novel peptide, extracted from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom, enhance the bioactive compound and increase the effectiveness of the natural compound up to synthetic drug strength by efficiency. The result is a new category of powerful medications without considerable side effects.

Medolife is presently preparing to apply to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for clinical trials in the United States for Escozine GNP-1. The FDA application approach has been validated by a study done in the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst). It suggests that anti-cancer chemotherapies which use gold nanoparticles to deliver chemotherapy drugs deep inside tumor tissues will be more effective if the particles are positively electrically charged; this causes the particles to be more attracted to proliferating cells, according to a team of chemists and chemical engineers at UMass Amherst.

DISCLAIMER: Some important aspects of the technology remain as a trade secret and not reflected in the patent.

General Science

Escozine™ is a natural compound extracted from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion (Rhopalurus Princeps), which, in its original form, contains low molecular weight peptides, amino acids, proteins and 59 minerals. We have used modern technologies to isolate and filter the essential minerals. The extracted minerals have been polarized by a patented methodology (#US 8,097,284 B2) to increase the potency and binding preferences with abnormal cells. Escozine™ has several paths of influence that affect abnormal cells. The main compound induces Potassium (K+) 3‐4 kDa, Sodium (Na+) 6- ‐ 8 kDa and Chloride (Cl+) ionic channel inhibitors.

One of the main components of Escozine™ is a 36 amino acid peptide, which at pH 7 has a high positive charge. It blocks small‐conductance chloride channels, and it also binds preferentially to abnormal cells, leaving the normal cells intact.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Patented Polarization Technology

  • Medolife’s exclusively owns a patented polarization technology.
  • Studies show that polarization increases the effectiveness of organic compounds from 100% to 700%.