Arthur G. Mikaelian, Ph.D., Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President


For the past 20 years Dr. Mikaelian has been independently actively studying stress hormones (cortisol, epinephrine), master gene (ATF3) and their indirect influences on cancer cell activity and tumor progression. His initial findings quickly led him to the innovative creation of a new generation of nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as expanding his interests in cancer and oncology.

One of Dr. Mikaelian’s greatest scientific contributions and ground-breaking inventions is his Polarization technology which targets key elements in the main ingredients of medications, leading to the intensification of potency of liquid or solid compounds, which substantially increases their therapeutic effectiveness. Dr. Mikaelian’s polarization technology has been awarded U.S. Patent 8,097,284 B2 as it pertains to Polarized Scorpion Venom solution and the method for making it.

Dr. Mikaelian’s technical education began at the 2nd Medical Institute of Moscow and continued at the Vernadsky University of Biosphere Knowledge in Moscow, where he earned his doctorate in Biological Psychology; he then went on to complete his post-doctorate work at Vernadsky. He also earned an MBA from the University of Bologna in Italy.

Js. Gilberto Conception G., PhD, PE, Scientific Director

Dr. Js. Gilberto Concepción G. was Analytical Services Director at Instituto Dominicano de Tecnologia Industrial and International Technical Director of Sterling Products International, where he supervised production and drug development. After leaving Sterling Products, Dr. Conception became the Principal Executive of JGC and Associates, a consulting firm that has helped the top Dominican pharmaceutical companies with production and drug development, including Laboratorios de Aplicaciones Medicas LAM, Feltrex, LAANED Laboratorios Anillanos Edmar and Laboratorios Syntesis.

Dr. Concepción obtained his Ph.D from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, in physical organic chemistry and system dynamics of ion paring effects and ion radicals. He did Post Doctorate research at Syracuse University in quantum mechanics. He also trained in management and Industrial development at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in environmental effects in industrial development. Dr. Concepción was honored by and is a member of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) and is a fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). He has written more than 300 quality control, management and science related papers and published books including Simplemente Calidad (Simply Quality) and Wellbeing: the Unique Journey to Success.

Maria Inmaculada Nunez, Director of Pharmaceutical Department

Maria’s position with Medolife is the Control of scorpion venom extraction, Purification of scorpion venom, Control of Microbiological analyses of extract and final product quality control. She has worked at UASD (Chemistry Department) in Santo Domingo, Pharma Export in Santo Domingo as Quality Officer and as Laboratory Officer at SA INFAC in Santo Domingo. Prior to SA INFAC, Maria worked at Kettle, Industrial S. Sánchez A. Santo Domingo as New Product Officer and at CODAL S. A. (SODOCAL) in San Francisco de Macoris. She was educated at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena, Santo Domingo, D. N (Industrial Chemistry BSc), Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DN (Graduate Quality, Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DN, Masters in Environmental Chemistry (Thesis) and Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Santo Domingo, DN. She holds a Masters in Quality Systems and Productivity.

Ramón Enrique Feliz, M.D, Director of Drug Implementation Department

Dr. Feliz has over 25 years of medical experience. He has integrated a tremendous knowledge of science into multiple approaches to healing. He earned his medical doctorate in the Dominican Republic and his post-doctorate as a surgeon oncologist from the Institute of Oncology and Scientific Investigation Nicola Nicolae Petrov in Russia. He continued his journey of education by passing the examination for a medical license in the United States, but Dr Feliz’s greatest passion is Integrational and complementary medicine. He expanded his knowledge by completing courses in holistic medicine, chiropractics, kinesiology, acupuncture and physical therapy. Even before joining Medolife, Dr. Feliz had studied blue scorpion serum from Cuba which was then in experimental process and not ready for production by international standards of quality. He was excited to learn that Medolife was bringing quality blue scorpion serum to the world through Escozine. Dr. Feliz believes this is an intelligent new way of helping cancer patients all over the world by integrating blue scorpion serum with conventional medicine.

Kelvin A. Guerrero´s CV, Director of Biological Department and Scorpion Reservation


Kelvin led the investigation on the Biochemistry and Ecology of the Species of Scorpion of the Family Buthidae in the Dominican Republic for Medolife in order to identify potential organic compound in the scorpion venom that can be beneficial in cancer treatment. Kelvin holds a Master of Science in Entomology, Montana State University and achieved a Bachelor of Biological Science, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is currently a member of the Ibero-american Network on Integrated Coastal Management (Ibermar), Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambiente, Universidad de Cádiz. Puerto Real, Cádiz, España. He is a Member of the Provincial Council and Commission for the Development of the Environment. He also acts an Associate Research Entomologist at the Museum of Comparative Zoology of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Kelvin has also achieved a Fulbright Fellowship (J. William Fulbright Scholarship), Fulbright LASPAU Master Program of Ecology of the Caribbean and Central America. Kelvin has published numerous biological reports internationally and he lives in the Dominican Republic.

Artur Mikaelian Jr., Vice President, General Operations Manager

Artur was educated at the Russian Governmental University of Economy and Trade and achieved a Master of Science in Business Economics. He then went on to the Governmental University of Maikop (Russia) for further education in economics. Prior to joining Medolife he was a representative and distributor for a US company distributing Dr Villarreal’s Medical product “Estrella” in Russia. He specialized in Sales and Marketing of product “Estrella” through Internet marketing of product in Russian and 14 Russian speaking countries. Artur was responsible for the organization of trade shows and conferences for medical products and the Implementation of product “Estrella” in Clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical stores.

Grant Mikaelian, General Operations Manager


Since joining Medolife Pharmaceuticals in 2013, Grant has worked on many projects involving design, customer service and online marketing. Grant worked on such projects as reimagining the company’s visual identity; configuration and management of Medolife’s Customer Service department involving Customer Relationship Management and Phone Operations; product registration in several countries in Asia, and more.

Grant is currently majoring in Digital Design and Animation at Rasmussen College and has experience in design and customer service prior to joining Medolife.