Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Teams Up With Medolife Rx

Medolife Rx Immunapens
Medolife Rx, the world’s highest powered immunapen has partnered with Tony Hawk, the world’s highest powered extreme sports legend. At Medolife Rx we have harnessed the energy of quantum polarization technology and natural ingredients to create the most effective Immune system booster on the market. From the most elite athlete like Tony Hawk to the weekend warrior, with Medolife Rx we’ve got you covered!
Tony Hawk Endorses AELIA Polarized CBD Hemp Extract With Blue Scorpion Peptide Venom


“Because I’m still so active, I’m constantly looking for the most effective CBD Hemp Extract products for muscle pain relief, bruising and post skate recovery. Aelia consistently works well for me, so it’s my first choice.”

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